Siddha Medication & Unani drug system

The Siddha science could be a ancient treatment system turn out from Tamil culture. Palm leaf manuscripts say that the Siddha system was first described by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvathi. Parvathi provide a proof of all this information to her son lord muruga.He educated of these data to his intelligent Agastya. Agastya educated eighteen siddhas and they unfold this information to people in general twenty one.

."Siddha system of drug build some extent of that medical treatment is familiarizing not hardly to sickness, however additionally has got to take into consideration from the patient, environment, age, habits, physical condition". Siddha literature is in Tamil and it is largely practiced in Tamil speaking parts of Asian country and abroad.

2) The unani System of medicine based on established information and practices with reference to promotion of positive health and prevention of diseases. Although Unani system derived in Greece, skipped over several countries, Arabs enriched it with their ability and skill and also the system was brought to India during Medieval period. Unani System emphasise the use of naturally occurring, most alternative medicines, though it uses ingredients of animal and marine origin.

  • Agastya
  • Ashtamahasiddhi
  • Varmam
  • Prophetic drugs
  • Izalae sabab (elimination of cause)
  • Tadeele akhlat (normalization of humors)
  • Tadeele aza (normalization of tissues/organs)
  • Arabic medicinal herbs
  • Cupping medical aid

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