Alternative Medicine

  • Alternative medicines are interventions that differ from the traditional or conventional biomedical treatment of disease
  • It is an intervention that is used instead of conventional medicine
  • Alternative medicines are called alternative because they may not always be effective or not proven100% successful.
  • Alternative medicine describes any follow that aims to attain the healing effects of medication medicine/practice of medication) or fringe medicine area unit practices claimed to possess the healing effects of medicine however area unit disproven, unproven, not possible to prove, or solely harmful. Various therapies or diagnoses aren't a part of medication or science-based aid systems. Practice of medicine consists of a large sort of practices, products, and therapies starting from people who area unit biologically plausible however not well tested to those with acknowledged harmful and toxical effects.
  • The choice sector could be an extremely profitable trade with a robust lobby, and faces way less regulation over the employment and promoting of unproved treatments. Its promoting typically advertises the treatments as being "natural" or "holistic", compared to those offered by "big pharma". Billions of bucks are spent learning practice of medicine, with very little to no positive results. A number of the roaring practices area unit solely thought-about various beneath terribly specific definitions, like those that embody all physical activity beneath the umbrella of "alternative medicine"

Before independent:

                        GOI-Traditional system of medicine (Ayurveda, siddha&unani)

                                 Non drug therapies (yoga&naturopathy)

After independent:

  • After 1947 GOI recognized merits of CAM
  • WHO-health for all (ASU)
  • 1995 under ministry of health & family welfare
  • Separate dept. of Indian system of medicine and homeopathy


  • Biologically based methods
  • Energy medicine system
  • Manipulative & body based practices
  • Whole body medical system
  • Mind body medicine system

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